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our tourpage is still up!! lots of neat pictures of our adventures across western Canada!

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January 23- Well, we just played our show in Jasper for the Jasper in January celebrations and it went over extremely well. We were well recieved by all who cared to mention anything to us and we had the distinct pleasure of having about 15 or 20 young piano students (aged between 6 and 10 I would guess) come out to listen. We signed autographs for them afterward and posed for pictures and everything-it was so cute! You can see some pictures from our trip here. Our next focus is our performance at the Francis Winspear Centre for Music as part of a fundraiser for relief for the South Asian Tsunami victims. This event is taking place on February 4th and features the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers, Tommy Banks and his trio, Pro Coro Canada, the Richard Eaton Singers, and more-all proceeds are going to UNICEF. The whole story goes like this:In Edmonton, a ten-year-old girl, named Aysha Wills, watched the news with horror and decided that she would do something about it. She called the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and asked them to put on a concert that would rally Edmonton artists together. That was the beginning of Higher Ground, a benefit concert for the victims of Asia's tsunami. So, if you're in the Edmonton area, come on down and lend an ear and some funds for the people affected by this monstrous disaster. We're playing at 6:30 and the symphony starts at 8. bye for now!

mike & kevin

January-We're getting ready for our latest show in Jasper, Alberta and are in the middle of a creative spell as well. At present, we have a representative overseas sourcing out our prospects in Europe so cross your fingers for us! We've been writing a lot of new material this past few weeks and are super excited about performing it both live and on record-some of it is very different, but is still in the Rosette Guitar Duo style. Plans are in the works for a recording this summer and a new CD with special packaging for release next fall. bye for now!

mike & kevin

November-We're back from Montreal and the GFA. For anyone who hasn't been to Montreal, it really is a wonderful place. There is a mountain right in the middle of the city! We climbed to the top and looked down on the city below, which stretches out for miles. Very inspiring trip. It was very nice meeting everyone at the GFA and otherwise. There were lots of great workshops and concerts over the week and we took in as much as we could. We played one of our new pieces for Dusan Bogdanovic (a modern luminary in guitar composition) who enjoyed it quite a lot. Apart from this, we played a few shows in Montreal which were very well recieved and we're looking forward to developing a fan base down in that end of Canada. While we were there, we also started working on a new piece. This brings us up to 6 new ones in the works, and with an album planned for the fall of next year, we're on a roll.
We have a lot of private functions coming up throughout November and December which is keeping us busy. Keep an eye out for us around town. Apart from these shows, we're still teaching in the Edmonton area and planning things (european distribution/touring) all adding up to exciting times in our little guitar world. Keep checking back for updates and always remember to send us a line. You can join our mailing list by clicking the contact us link at the top of the page or sign our guestbook. Until next time-keep on pickin' and a grinnin'.


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February 20 Convocation Hall

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March 18 Muttart Hall

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May 6 Convocation Hall

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